Participation A key feature of most creative projects produced and promoted by the WAP is that they are participatory to some degree. They reflects our ethos of creating ‘extraordinary arts projects within communities’ and offering ‘hands-on opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in high quality arts and creative activities’ by providing very wide range of projects to many different people.

Locality The Watershed is now firmly on the cultural map and serves as valuable participatory resource centre. It is also on the map in another way, geographically close to the centre of a well connected but essentially rural village of Slaithwaite, approximately 5 miles south-west of Huddersfield in the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees in Pennine West Yorkshire - and right next door to the embryonic 3M Innovation Centre proposed for Globe Mill.

WAP is a key creative organisation able to use its extensive knowledge of the local scene to enhance and promote high quality creative arts projects. The resources available within the building provide a boost to many events. With an ever-widening programme of activities run in the building by the core partners and other arts practitioners, we are drawing people from a surprisingly wide radius, and have built a network of regular users.

Outreach From this strong centrte comes the ability to reach out, and each of the partner organisations is able to bring its practice to bear in a range of other communities and settings, such as:

  • The great range of special schools and support networks that Shabang is able to support.
  • The schools and neighbourhoods that benefit from Satellite Arts performances, workshops and community development work.
  • The focus brought to events, sometimes across Europe, and other creative learning projects that Impossible delivers.