Policies &

Watershed Arts Practitioners is a pioneering partnership of participatory arts bodies that exists to support and enhance the work of the three constituent organisations, each of whom has its own complimentary yet different mission:


  • To combine innovation with involvement by creating high quality participatory, installation, digital and live arts events that engage people from many different backgrounds and contexts.
  • To enhance creativity through public participation in a wide range of arts events, helping to develop an active culture.
  • To make high quality arts a common experience available to all.

Satellite Arts:

  • To celebrate life by making theatre art and music by:
  • Encouraging primary creativity
  • Creating inspiring arts projects with multigenerational participants
  • Working for peace and co-hesion in communities through the arts


  • To provide high quality appropriate and accessible multi-sensory arts activities for children, young people and adults with additional learning needs and their families.

Equality Action Plan

  • Watershed Arts Practice is positively committed to the equal treatment and rights of access of all members of society without prejudice against or with regard for age, race, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, learning ability, income, education, cultural heritage and background.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will ensure that all work carried out within and emanating from its premises will be inclusive of and accessible by the wide range of people representing the population of the local region.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will cultivate a welcoming climate of accessibility for all and will encourage debate on access issues in their broadest sense, including current employment legislation.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will ensure that its building is accessible and facilities are appropriate to all participants and user groups.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will ensure that its work is presented and marketed appropriately to ensure maximum access to all members of the community specifically targeting those who would be unable or unlikely to participate in creative arts.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will develop an 'information bank' of local agencies and resources that can provide or finance appropriate support for participants with disabilities.
  • Watershed Arts Practice will annually review the numbers and nature of people involved in projects, and evaluate whether the aims and objectives outline in this policy have been achieved. We will monitor all aspects of our operations and take action to make changes where appropriate.

Health and Safety Policy

Watershed Arts Practice are committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its contractors, freelancers, volunteers, participants and all others with whom our work brings us into contact with.

Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all those working for Watershed Arts Practice.

Also to provide such information, training and supervision as is necessary for this purpose.

This policy documentation will continue to be developed so that it responds to changes in legislation or changes in the company’s organisation and the activities it undertakes.

The policy will be reviewed annually by the partners of Watershed Arts Practice.

Responsibility to enable effective implementation of the policy Is held by the directors of Watershed Arts Practice who have signed this policy statement.

Child Protection Policy

Watershed Arts Practice delivers arts projects in educational and community settings involving people of all ages and abilities in workshops and performances.

  • Our work takes place in outreach venues and at our base, The Watershed.
  • Our work is delivered by Satellite Arts, Impossible Theatre and Shabang Theatre Adventures.
  • Our Child Protection Policy and Procedures have been designed to be responsive, responsible and practical.
  • It will be reviewed and agreed annually.
  • Watershed Arts Practice aims to provide a safe and empowering environment for all young people participate and enjoy arts activities.

We believe that it is important that children should be:

  • Listened to and heard
  • Valued and treated as individuals
  • Respected for their identity and uniqueness
  • Encouraged and praised
  • Involved in decisions, as appropriate.

In order to reduce risk of harm to young people involved in Watershed Arts Practice activities:

  • Children under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult to all public workshops.
  • Paid arts leaders to hold a CRB Certificate
  • All CRB certificates to be renewed 3 yearly
  • Paid sessional and volunteer workers to be CRB checked if they are being asked to be responsible for young people as a leader
  • All workers will be given access to our policy and procedures
  • Youth and school groups involved to be accompanied by a named worker from their organisation
  • Clear instructions will be displayed and given on workshop safety
  • Ensure that there is more than one adult present during activities with children and young people at all times
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour and report all allegations / suspicions of abuse
  • Leaders will establish a Project Child Protection Contact who will be contacted in the case of disclosure, or to discuss suspicions and doubts relating to any participants in connection with Child Protection issues.