Watershed Arts Practice

A pioneering partnership of participatory arts organisations each with a unique yet complimentary identity.

Watershed Arts Practice (WAP) was born out of collaboration between three highly experienced participatory arts organisations: Satellite Arts, Shabang! and Impossible Theatre. Originally coming together to purchase and renovate a disused mill, which has become the Watershed.

WAP was incorporated as a limited company in 2007, featuring bespoke organisational structure and working methods the reflects the unique status of the organisation as a collaborative practice between three equal entities.

WAP is now an umbrella organisation supporting the work of these three arts organisations - each with long track records of working in their local neighbourhoods of Kirklees and beyond, and all recognised as leaders in their separate fields. Uniquely WAP supports the distinct artistic visions and varied programming of all three organisations whilst being strengthened by their shared values and history of collaboration on training and community projects.